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About Solomon Ian-Sangala


Solly Ian-Sangala is a digital content creator. He is also most commonly known for his role as founder and ex CEO of former London's leading bespoke clothing supplier, AttireX.

Having run the company from the age of 13, working with renown businesses, as well as being ranked in The top 100 most powerful entrepreneurs in the UK, Solly decided it was time to venture into something new, leaving the corporate world behind and doing something that fulfilled his hapiness.

With a passion for fashion from a young age and knowledge for the market which he had acquired in his business years, Solly Ian-Sangala decided to document his life, style and travels through various platforms Twitter, and Instagram where he has gained large followings. He is also a contributor for the Huffington Post with a reach of 156 million unique monthly viewers.

His main aim is to create captivating digital content whilst inspiring people to always do what makes them happy.


In Solomon's Own Words:

Growing up with a severe stutter had its fair share of “disadvantages”. I think one of the most important things in life is perspective. I feel like anyone with a disadvantage or disability or perfect imperfection as I referred to it (in my ted talk) is actually an advantage. When there is adversity, you work even harder yielding better results. With my stutter, I had to work twice as hard to calm down and get listened to and this helped set a general tone for the rest of my work.

I will always adhere to the idea that challenges are the best way to grow. It is important to relish challenges because as Will Smith once said, “everything you’ve ever wanted in life is on the other side of fear”. The law of Attraction is a mantra I live by day to day as it highlights positive energy produces positive results and so forth.

As a lifestyle content creator. When taking my photos, I am always looking at different angles that wouldn’t usually be considered. This is what usually helps me tell my stories from different perspectives allowing me to engage the audience further.

Upbeat are a brand I feel very strongly for because of their ability to continue to push boundaries to help achieve better results. I have always been terrified of the water thinking about all the possible excuses as to why I couldn’t swim, so one of my highlights last year was being sent on a swimming course courtesy of the brand. Upbeat is now one of my favourite drinks as it challenges mindset and has all the good stuff packed inside to increase productivity!