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Upbeat Mantra Glass Shaker

Upbeat Mantra Glass Shaker

For the perfectly smooth, lump-free protein drink pre/during/post any workout. 

If you don't drink your whole shake at once or still have liquid in the bottle, you can still throw it into your bag without thinking twice- it's 100% tightly sealed. A quarter turn is all you need to close the bottle.

It's never fun to try to find a stash for your stuff while you're working out. The detachable carrying loop on the bottle makes this a breeze! Just attach your keys to your bottle and everything will stay safely together! You can also attach the bottle to your backpack or gym bag.

Mantra Bottle Features:

  • The ClearSip ™ glass mouthpiece provides an authentic drinking experience
  • Engraved Upbeat Logo
  • Stainless, non-flaking BlenderBall®
  • Screw top
  • Removable carrying strap
  • BlenderBottle® products are manufactured using only high-quality materials

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