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Why is stretching so important?

Why is stretching important? 

Stretching is that one thing that a lot of us know is important but still don’t bother to do it anyway.  

It is also one of the things that has so many benefits and needs to start being added to your daily routine. Ideally it is better to stretch when your muscles are warm (i.e., after a walk or workout) but in reality – squeezing a little stretch session into any spare time you get will be beneficial. 

Stretching is not only for people who exercise. Everybody needs to stretch to help increase the blood flow in your body and to help keep your muscles loose. If you have a sore neck – the first thing a person normally tells you to do is to stretch it out. If you stretch your neck 3-5 times a day, I bet that by the end of the day you will feel so much more mobility in your neck, and it will feel a lot less tense. 

Holding a stretch for 15-30 seconds helps to improve the range of motion in your joints, increases blood flow and can help decrease inflammation in your muscles. Your daily stretching routine does not have to be long; a few minutes will make a difference.  

To try and encourage you to start stretching, read over some of the benefits listed below: 

  • Can reduce the risk of injury.Stretching helps to have full range of motion in your joints which will help prevent the risk on injury during various activities. 
  • Helps relieve muscles after exercise. Exercising can cause your muscles to tighten up and be sore for a few days. Stretching after a workout can help prevent this. 
  • Helps to improve posture. Stretching can help keep your body in alignment and improve your posture. 
  • Helps release stress. Your muscles hold onto stress. Stretching can help release the tension and make you feel more relaxed. 
  • Improves blood flow. Stretching helps get the blood flowing around the body which helps to circulate oxygen and improve your circulation. 
  • Decreases risk of back pain. Many people suffer with back pain. Stretching helps to keep the hamstrings and hip flexors flexible which results in less stress on the spine. This will help reduce the risk of getting lower back pain.  

Without stretching your muscles get tight and therefore shorten. This can cause health risks as it will put extra stress on your body when moving which could result in muscle damage and muscle strains.  

Try to create a daily routine with stretching. Whether it be as you wake up, on your lunch break or the last thing you do every day. Find a time that suits you best. 

Energise your body and muscles by incorporating your daily stretch… your body will thank you!