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Save The Rainforest When You Buy Upbeat

At Upbeat, we are committed to becoming more sustainable as a business as we are becoming increasingly aware of how our actions make an impact on the environment. We know that we need to constantly be mindful and come up with ways to reduce our environmental footprint, but we also know that we can make a big impact with your help.Yes, you! 

Therefore we’ve decided to partner with One Tribe, who will protect 5 mature trees and 100 sq. metres of rainforest for every order placed on our website.    

In short, the most efficient and cost-effective way to fight climate change is to protect theexisting rainforests. Just by making a purchase from Upbeat – you contribute to this. Nearly 70000 acres of tropical rainforest are lost every day, and we’re joining the fight to change this. 

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet, the natural solution to climate change that remove and store CO2 from our atmosphere. Imagine if everything you purchased helped protect them! 

Join us in protecting the rainforests. Support Upbeat whilst supporting the endangered rainforests! Every purchase makes a difference. 

“Saving our planet is within reach, we have worked out all the problems, we are working on all the solutions, most of them we can do now, and, over time, all of them help the economy. 

We have a plan, we know what to do. There is a path to sustainability.” 

- Sir David Attenborough