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What are the benefits of goal setting?

Setting goals helps you to achieve a certain task within a given time. It helps put you on the path to success and motivates you to reach your highest potential.  

It is hard to stay motivated when there is no goal in mind. Having a goal will help you to set mini tasks (or deadlines) over a period of time to ensure you are able to achieve your main goal.  

Setting goals will also help: 

  • Provide direction. If you have a goal in mind – you will know that you need to take actions that will guide you to achieving that goal. Instead of just plodding along through life – you will have a bit of idea of what you need to do if you want to achieve the goals that you have set out for yourself.  
  • Clarity on what is important. If you are working towards a goal, you will be able to prioritize certain tasks that need your attention to achieve that goal.  
  • Give you control of your future. A lot of us hate the unknown. Without goals you will be drifting through life without an aim and will not know which direction your life is heading. Setting goals will help give you an indication of what you could expect in the future if you achieve the goals you have set.  
  • Provides motivation. Goals can inspire you to be better and show up more. Achieving short-term goals will help to inspire and motivate you to achieve that ultimate end goal. The feeling of accomplishment fuels your desire to want to carry on. 
  • Give you personal satisfaction. Achieving goals will make you realise how capable you are. The more that you achieve – the better you will feel about yourself. 

Whether the goal is big or small – it will help give you a feeling of purpose and encourage you to keep trying to do better and be better. It will also help you to measure how far you have come and how far you have to go.