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Fruit orange et passion

Fruit orange et passion


· Boost quotidien: Bon goût. Zéro sucre. Protéine 12g

· Chaque bouteille de 500 ml est emballée avec 12g d'isolat de protéines de lactosérum, édulcorant à base de plantes, 0g de sucre,4 Vitamines Essentielles B,et seulement 59 calories

· Aromatisé avec du vrai jus de fruits pour une hydratation savoureuse et rafraîchissante. Upbeat convient aux végétariens

· Obtenez la protéine essentielle et les vitamines que vous devez rester forts, vous sentir énergisés et soutenir la performance mentale. Tous les avantages d'un shake protéique sans le goût laiteux et poudreux

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Liked it

Doesn't have that bad aftertaste that other protein drinks have.
Definitely a fan

Paris Emily
The best

So easy to drink and a nice way to get your protein in. It’s refreshing and perfect for when it’s hot outside
Tastes just like squash and is very light

Simon Townley
Not as nice

Hi I’m a huge fan of upbeat drinks been buying since they first appeared in Sainsbury’s - hard to find them some weeks at first! The new orange drink with passion fruit is not as nice as the previous version, blood orange & mandarin. The passion fruit makes it more claggy less refreshing. The blood orange ones were my favourite. Red ones second.

Amazon Customer
Absolutely love the flavour

Maybe a bit too soon to say what difference this drink makes, as I only had one bottle so far, but I absolutely love the flavour, as well as the fact that it is low on calories and actually quenched not only my thirst, but hunger there must be something in it! I had it as a snack in between meals and there was no need to snack any longer...which was surprising and might be where the protein comes in! Good for you if you are trying to lose weight and control your calories.

Amazon Customer
Tasty & fruity!

I'm really enjoying this 12 pack of Upbeat juicy protein water. I'd never heard of the brand until now but love that these are sugar free drinks with the added vitamin and protein boost. As a vegetarian I don't get nearly enough protein and try to cut down on sugar which is in normal energy drinks so I will definitely be buying these again.

These are 500ml bottles of orange and passionfruit flavour. I like that, unlike regular juice, these aren't overwhelmingly sweet, it's very subtle yet still remains juicy and flavoursome. They're a squash type consistency and give you a boost for the day. Especially great if you're run down, get tired in the day or want an instant protein hit without having to make up a shake.

Recommended, very tasty and I also love their sparkling cans. Great brand and hope to try more in the range.