At Upbeat, we’re on a mission to make protein simple – for athletes, everyday athletes and everyone in-between. So you can fuel the moment, right in the moment. 

We’re disruptors in fitness nutrition. Innovators in advanced protein technology. With a decade-long background in world-class protein nutrition, we’re now one of the UK leaders in Clear Whey Protein – the cleanest way to fuel your body when you need it the most.

Our CEO, Mark, is determined to make the benefits of this technology easy to access in everyday life. How? By making it effortless and delicious. Our advanced clear whey isolate drinks give you instant essential hydration, body-boosting protein including all nine essential amino acids, BCAA and energising Vitamin B complex in three refreshing flavours available with or without caffeine. Upbeat combines all the benefits of protein shakes and vitamin waters without weighing you down (plus we’re sugar, lactose and gluten free). 

When you demand a lot from your body, it’s going to demand a lot from you. So whether you’re sipping on-the-go or needing a post-workout refresh, get hydrated, get energised, get Upbeat – right in the moment.