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Blueberry & Raspberry

Blueberry & Raspberry


· Dagelijkse boost: Goede smaak. Nul suiker. 12G-eiwit

· Elke fles van 500 ml zit vol met 12 g wei-eiwitisolaat, op planten gebaseerde zoetstof, 0 g suiker, 7Essentiële B-vitamines,en slechts 59 calorieën

· Gearomatiseerd met echt vruchtensap voor smakelijke en verfrissende hydratatie. Uplat is geschikt voor vegetariërs

· Krijg het essentiële eiwit en de vitamines dat je nodig hebt om sterk te blijven, je energiek en ondersteunen mentale prestaties. Alle voordelen van een eiwit shake zonder de melkachtige, poederachtige smaak

We doneren £ 1 aan de nationale noodsituaties vertrouwen elke keer dat iemand een zaak van ons sappige eiwitwater koopt. Het vertrouwen van de nationale noodsituaties zorgt ervoor dat onze steun kan worden gericht aan degenen die het het meest zo snel en efficiënt mogelijk nodig hebben, en onze effecten om deze uitdaging te overwinnen, worden op de best mogelijke manier gekanaliseerd.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Favourite flavour by far

This honestly tastes like normal juice. I love that it has protein and that you can hardly taste it

Tom Howarth
Delicious drinks

I have been lucky enough to try all of the juicy drinks. This flavour is my favourite followed closely by Orange & passion fruit. They are so yummy! They really help after my football training. I would highly recommend these to anyone.
Thank you so much Up Beat
Tom H

Amazon Customer
Best by far

I've tried a few but I have to say the best protein water I've tried would definitely recommend

Amazon Customer
Would recommend

This is a great product for those who want to increase their daily intake of protein. It is high in protein, low calorie, no sugar and has a perfect clear refreshing consistency. I drink at least one a day.

Great flavor and I don’t experience a bad aftertaste like I do with other protein drinks. They are great after a hard workout instead of drinking a milk based shake heavy on your stomach.

I would continue drinking this even if I wasn’t on a diet. Arrived packaged very securely & timely. Would recommend.

Amazon Customer
Super-fresh drink... impossible to tell it includes protein and that's great!

Protein water??? did I hear you right? I don't know what I was expecting when I opened the bottle but it certainly was not this.

This is a really fresh drink with everything you need to keep you on top of your day, vitamins, protein and revitalisation.

I was impressed to find that the proteins come from milk isolates!! you would never be able to tell as the flavour is just a really fresh juice.

A bit of a miracle really.. not sure how they have done it but this is a fantastic product... Next Gen!