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Daily Boost - Blueberry Raspberry - 20 Porties

De Framboos van de bosbes

Bij Upbeat is het verleggen van grenzen wat we doen. Daarom hebben we een reeks verfrissende eiwitpoeders gemaakt met een verschil. Voor u om thuis, onderweg of in de sportschool te mixen.

Als je denkt aan 'heavy', 'milky' & 'powdery' als je aan eiwitshakes denkt. Denk nog eens na.

Om de voordelen van onze verfrissende eiwitdranken te ontgrendelen, voegt u gewoon water toe.

20 Porties


Daily Boost bevat:

  • Hoog eiwitgehalte
  • Energieke B-vitamines
  • Lage suiker
  • Slechts 56 calorieën per portie


  • Voeg 2 bolletjes toe aan je fles
  • Doordrenk met 400ml water
  • Schud gedurende 15 seconden

Extra voordelen:

  • Vegetarische
  • Plantaardige zoetstof
  • Lactosevrij
  • Vetvrij
  • Glutenvrij
  • GGO vrij
  • Cafeïnevrij

Eiwit helpt spieren en normale botten te behouden. Vitaminen B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12 ondersteunen een normaal energieleverend metabolisme en helpen vermoeidheid en vermoeidheid te verminderen. Pantotheenzuur (B5) ondersteunt normale mentale prestaties. Vitamine B6 en B12 ondersteunen de normale functie van het immuunsysteem.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazingly delicious

It's absolutely delicious and helps me increase my protein intake as I'm fasting at the moment so don't get much food in so this definitely helps. The taste is delicious and I'm drinking it everyday, will be ordering more.

Best flavour

This literally tastes like juice. I usually dislike all protein powders but I have FINALLY found one that I enjoy. This is so refreshing to drink after a workout.

Great taste and alternative my usual protein powder

I sampled a sachet of each available flavour of the protein powders after being alerted to them whilst I was shopping for protein powders to support my post-workout regime. The taste and flavours are really good and perfect for those who aren't fans of sweet saccharine tastes. The powder dissolves well and easily, the sachets are perfect size for carrying around and, as someone who has IBS issues, these caused no upset. I would highly recommend.

The BEST Upbeat flavour in a powder!

At last! Delicious!

Also so great to be able to double the scoops to get more than 12g after a hiit sesh.

Dan Walton
Everyone must try

I was given a free sample of each of the new protein powder drink mixes and once they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them. I must recommend that everyone must try them atleast once as I’m sure you’ll love each of the four flavours to choose from. So quick and easy to make up so if your in a rush during the day these are what you need. I’ve ordered more and you should too. Go! Team upbeat